‘Would you like me to wrap that for you?’

skyline-015I love dogs, and I love running into them in the woods while on a hike. I can’t remember the last time I crossed path with an unfriendly mutt on the trails.

Their owners, however, sometimes leave me scratching my head. I run across goodie bags like the one in the picture to the left all the time on my local hikes in suburban Massachusetts. (I’ve never seen this on the serious trails in the White Mountains.)

I don’t get it. If you’re in the woods and you don’t want to pick up after your dog, fine. It can be annoying to others if it’s in the middle of the trail but the elements eventually wash away the evidence. It’s an animal acting naturally in the woods. No big deal. (If you do the pooper-scoop thing and carry it out, well, cool.)

skyline-017But what do you think happens if you wrap a pile and leave it in a white plastic bag in the middle of the woods? You’re essentially saying, “My dog took a crap in the woods. It shouldn’t be left here. Carry it out for me, will you? It’s only another three miles. Here, I even put it in a bag so you don’t have to use your hands.”

C’mon, dude.

P.S. God bless the naturalists, preservationists, park rangers and other workers who pick up after these folks. I’m sure it’s not what they went to school for.

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