From the bench to the Bonds


Justice David Souter

A Catch 22?

Hiking the mountains of New Hampshire gives you the wisdom to be a Supreme Court judge; it also makes you realize you’d rather hike than sit on the bench at the most powerful court in the world…

Here’s what New York Times blogger Timothy Egan had to say about New Hampshire native David Souter’s decision to leave the bench:

At his 200-year-old family farmhouse — badly in need of a paint job, as numerous observers have noted — he has no e-mail access, no answering machine, a television that’s never been plugged in. And, strangest of all: he’s leaving one of the most powerful positions on earth because he wants more time to hike in his beloved New Hampshire mountains.

To many, this last assertion is proof of his advanced eccentricity. But let’s give him his due: anyone who has climbed every one of New Hampshire’s 4,000-foot peaks, as the springy 69-year-old Souter reportedly has done, knows a kind of exhilaration that his black-robed colleagues in the tidal basin will never know.

How strange is it, really, to want another taste of the savage winds atop Mount Washington before the knees go bad?

Seems as good a reason as any to me. For the entire post, click here.

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