I am the Rain King

I want to apologize to all my New Hampshire friends and relatives. It has rained on every one of my spring hikes in the Granite State ( save for a near-perfect day on South Moat). Don’t water your garden or wash your car if I’m getting ready to hit the trail. Once I’m out of the woods, though, break out the sunscreen because you know the sun will come out. A case in point was this weekend’s walk up Kearsarge North, a 3,268 mountain just outside North Conway. I was hoping for some great views from the cool firetower on the summit.

Let’s see if the pictures can tell the story:

The views weren’t what I hoped for but the hike itself was a blast. For the first time this spring, I didn’t feel like passing out immediately upon reaching the summit; I was actually a bit surprised I got there as quickly as  I did. The clouds also served to keep the morning crowds away, meaning I had the summit and the firetower to myself for a good half an hour.

The rain-slickened ledges also gave me a chance to practice falling on the way down. That’s one advantage to the extra weight — I tend to bounce rather than splat when I fall. The rain itself let up by the time I hit the trailhead, meaning plans for a p.m. steak grilling were still on.

All in all, another good day in the mountains. And if you’re wondering about next weekend’s weather,  I plan to be hiking. So plan for rain.

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