One week to go


Summer starts a week from today. So does my attempt at climbing every 4,000-footer in New Hampshire before fall arrives.

Climbing 48 mountains in a single summer seemed a tad ambitious when I first started giving the idea serious thought this winter. Now, as Sunday draws near, there’s no doubt: It’s a nutty idea.

Not that that’s a bad thing. I’ve had plenty of nutty ideas over the years; it’s been a long time since I tried to follow through on one.

My boots are by the door. Stay tuned for updates.

(Mountain cloud from

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5 Responses to One week to go

  1. David Marcinkowski says:

    Dave, Have a great time in your quest for all 48 in the summer. Hopefully it will not be a hot summer. Your cause is a great one. All young people should be exposed to nature. Nature is a big part of my life. I need my weekend hikes even if they are only at local reservations. I did all 48 just about twice years ago. So I understand what your body, mind and heart will go through. I will be following your quest. (I found you through Tom and Atticus)…

    Best wishes for 48 GREAT hikes!

  2. Larisa says:

    Dave, I’d like to wish you the best of luck on your summer 48 adventure. What a fantastic (and hopefully very rewarding) challenge you’ve set for yourself. As one who also is working on “single season” lists (winter and spring 2009 completed thus far), I just know that you’ll relish the experience.

    Hope to run into you out in the mountains this summer!

    • Dave Olson says:

      Thanks, Larisa. You have some great photos on your blog. There’s something special about the mountains in winter…

  3. bob says:

    I’ll be following your trek with interest! I did 43 of the 48 before my hips gave out (from running, not from hiking). Nowadays I’m fly fishing and doing only the shortest of hikes. Good luck! It’s a mighty task but certainly acheivable!!

  4. janelle says:

    So excited to see you kick the butt over every 4,000 footer!
    Since I’m moving to Los Angeles in two weeks, I’ll enjoy checking here frequently as I pine for the White Mountains and summer in New England.

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