These boots were made for sloshing

Enjoying the Fourth.

Enjoying the Fourth.

The boy and I had hoped to celebrate the Fourth of July with our first multi-summit hike of the season, a traverse of Mts. Tom, Field and Willey.

You’re not going to believe this, but it rained. A lot.  This despite a weather forecast that offered a glimmer of hope: If we started early enough, we might be finished before the worst of the weekend weather.

We got a decent start on the Avalon Trail in Crawford Notch. A half hour later, it was pouring. By the time we reached the summit of 4,051-foot Mt. Tom, we could hear thunder and see lightning in the distance. After the rains of May and June, the boy and I consider ourselves veterans of wet weather hiking. Thunderstorms are another matter. I couldn’t figure out how I would explain to myself to my wife if the boy’s braces acted as a very expensive lightning rod.

So we turned back, two summits short of the day’s goal.

So I’m a little behind pace in my bid to summit all 48 4,000-footers this summer. But it’s not all bad. One, there’s plenty of time Saturday wasn’t a total washout. Two, Mt. Tom is an easy 4,000-footer for most people. Saturday, it was easy for me, too. That’s  a step forward — it’s been a long while since I could term any hike as easy. Three, it has to stop raining sometime.


Enjoying the view.

Enjoying the view.

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