A great day on Mt. Garfield

My friend David flew in from Alabama last week for the sole purpose of joining me on a hike up one of the 4,000-footers. So you’d figure it would have rained all weekend, right?

Nope. It was one of the nicest weekends in the mountains. Sunny, low humidity, little mud, no bugs.  We stayed overnight at the Joe Dodge Lodge, had a great breakfast, threaded through the crowds readying to head up Tuckerman’s, and drove 40 minutes around Mt. Washington to 4,500-foot Mt. Garfield.

While Pinkham Notch was as crowded as the Hampton tolls on a Sunday, afternoon, the Garfield Trail was relatively quiet, even on a beautiful Saturday in August. David, who’s used to running in the humid south, was patient with my huffing and puffing. And the views from the top were everything I’ve heard about.

At the breezy summit.

At the breezy summit.

DJ @ Garfield Summit

The Franconia Ridge

The Franconia Ridge

Owl's Head and the Bonds...

Owl's Head and the Bonds...

Looking toward Vermont (I think).

Looking toward Vermont (I think).

The day ended the way I think all hiking days should, with beer and a massive steak (at the Red Parka Pub in Bartlett). The only downside — a worsening case of Achilles tendonitis. More on that later…

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5 Responses to A great day on Mt. Garfield

  1. Dave says:

    Great photos, Dave. Love the perspective just under the clouds.

  2. That guy David looks irritated. Was he giving you some trouble up there at the summit?

  3. Larisa says:

    I’ve been on your blog every day waiting for an update! This past weekend might have very well been the best one of the summer thus far – a perfect day for Garfield. What a stellar peak. =)

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