Kestrel in the news

The Gloucester Daily Times and reporter Jon L’Ecuyer had a nice story today about the work Kestrel Educational Adventures is doing with school kids in Rockport. As you know, the boy (a member of Kestrel’s Conservation Club) and I are climbing New Hampshire’s 48 4,000-footers in an attempt to raise money for and bring attention to the organization

An excerpt from the story:

Kestrel instructors Jessica Kagle and Amber Espar consulted with teachers and designed outdoor workshops for each grade level to go along with what students are studying in the classroom. Each class spends half a day each season in the public woodlands adjacent to the school, exploring and studying in small groups with Kestrel naturalists.

“It is great to see students so deeply engaged in learning more about their local woods,” Kagle said. “It is not only a way to open them up to nature, but also a method for teaching academic science topics in a way that is very meaningful and exciting. Almost all the kids are interested in something out there, whether it is frogs or butterflies or hawks or flowers.”

(Rockport Elementary School Principal Shawn) Maguire said the kids are “ecstatic” about the opportunity to spend time outdoors identifying the various creatures and plant species that call the town-owned Rowe Woods parcel their home. Students do not get recess on outdoor science days but they hardly notice its absence, Maguire added.

Students who would rather learn than take recess? Kestrel must be doing something right.

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One Response to Kestrel in the news

  1. peg leeco says:

    awesome adventures for you both….my big boy Andrew and I rescued aVERY sick red-tailed hawk last year.It was walking on the sidewalk downtown and he threw a beach towel over it It was seriously ill.We drove it to the wildlife rescue center at Tufts Vetrinary School in Grafton. We named him Harry.His talons were so long and sharp but he was so sick he didn’t make it…lived a few days.I figured he was pretty much dying when he let Andrew pich him up and hold him like an infant.
    The wildlife re-hab center in Grafton is quite a place….I’m not sure,but maybe they do visits to schools or visits by students to the center.
    So glad your son has such an interest in the natural world.

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