Must… get… outside…

This is one of my favorite hiking pictures of the boy.  It was taken on the summit of Mt. Field two years ago, just after we bagged our first 4,000-footer together.

The photo never fails to spark a longing for the mountains, which was a problem over Thanksgiving; my parents have a copy of the photo in their living room,  and we had to stare at it all weekend, while driving rain kept us inside.

It’s been a while since we’ve been on a decent hike, let alone on top of a 4,000-footer.  The shoulder between seasons is always tough — you need to plan for snow, ice, rain, wind, warm weather, slippery leaves, etc. Weekends are taken up with holiday shopping, visits, etc. But I know the boy feels the same way I do. Every day or so, he sighs and says, “I miss hiking.”

Hopefully, we’ll find some time this weekend for some restorative time in the woods, even if it’s somewhere local and not where we really long to be, which is somewhere up high, up north…

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One Response to Must… get… outside…

  1. Losing Fifty says:

    My boy (8) and I have snowshoes. We’re hoping to get up to the Squam range this weekend and try stomping about…weather permitting.

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