The view from Ledge Hill

The view from Ledge Hill

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Went for an early (for me) morning stroll through Ravenswood Park today. It’s one of my favorite places, especially in winter after plenty of snow. Unfortunately, we haven’t had snow in these parts in quite a while, so the trails were sheer ice. If your idea of funny is watching a fat man fall, you should have followed me this morning. After a while, I gave up on the trail and rock-hopped along on the boulders that straddled the trail. It ended up being much more fun than staying between the lines…

Highlight number one: I didn’t see any one else in the park until about 50 yards from the entrance, as I closed the Ledge Hill loop (and both those people were more focused on cell phone conversations).

Highlight number two: Glissading an ice-covered gully about halfway through the hike. It’s the fastest I’ve moved downhill in quite a while…

Highlight number three: The view of Gloucester Harbor from Ledge Hill. It’s spectacular on a clear day — the Blackberry camera doesn’t do it justice. I’ll bring the real camera next time…

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