Red Rocks, Sunday morning

Red Rocks

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Warm, sunny Sundays are few and far between in a Cape Ann winter. Rather than stay inside, the boy and I took a quick trip off Route 133 to Red Rocks.

Getting to Red Rocks and Hardy Mountain doesn’t require a lot of effort — 20 minutes to a half hour or so. But there are ledges everywhere, and you can’t help but do some scrambling. The site is a favorite for bouldering, though there were no climbers there today.

The wide “summit” offers great views of Cape Ann. At right, you can see the boy in deep thought…

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One Response to Red Rocks, Sunday morning

  1. Losing Fifty says:

    No snow in sight – that’s just weird after spending my day looking at snow, snow, and more snow up off the Kanc on Mt. Osceola.

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