The latest from the world of beer science

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day comes some important news from science: Guinness is good for you.

According to the BBC, recent research has shown a pint of Guinness a day may work as well as a low-dose aspirin to prevent heart clots, which can contribute to heart attacks. This could mean great things for men’s health. As good as the aspirin is for you, which would you rather take in the name of health: A chalky little pink pill or a dark, heady pint of stout? This could work for hiking, too. Guinness is best served warm, and the cans fit neatly into the outside pockets of your pack.

(Now for a weird aside: The researchers — from Wisconsin, naturally — came to this conclusion after feeding the beer to dogs. That’s right, dogs.)

This is the best beer research news to come along since last year, when it was revealed beer was as good as or better than Gatorade at refueling the body after exercise.

Forget erectile dysfunction and male pattern baldness, beer is where it’s at when it comes to man-themed scientific research.

In fact, beer research is in the top five of my list of important goals for the world’s scientists:

1. Curing cancer
2. Curing Alzheimer’s Disease
3. Figuring out why one person’s yawn causes everyone else to yawn.
4. Finding ways beer is good for you.
5. Hovercrafts for everyone. Also, jetpacks.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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