Little mountain, big fun

It was supposed to be a miserable weekend in the White Mountains — rain, snow, slush. Earlier in the week, the boy and I made plans to hike a snow-free trail Sunday, maybe up South Moat, or maybe Pleasant Mountain in Maine. This being spring in the White Mountains, the weather didn’t cooperate. There was a good amount of snow on the ground at the lower elevations when we pulled into town Saturday.

If I learned one thing while hiking the 4,000 footers last year, it’s that you have to take what the day gives you. There’s no sense forcing a hike when the weather’s bad, or you’re feeling unfit or injured, or when you need to give your job or family more attention. Not up for a long hike? A short one can do the trick just fine. Hiking should be a joy, and you should spend your time on the trails in the moment, not thinking about the hike that could have been.

Which is all a long way of saying we didn’t give up on hiking — we adapted. Peaked Mountain, which sits next to Cranmore in North Conway, isn’t a towering peak, but it delivered a fun Sunday just the same.

It was snow and short sleeves on the summit. We had a great time boot-skiing back to Thompson Road.

Mt. Chocorua looms in the distance.

One of the best things about shorter hikes is that they don’t dominate your day. We still had enough time — and energy– to head in to Diana’s Bath for the boy’s high school photo project.

At work at Diana's Bath.

Runoff from the weekend snows.

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