A chance to help get kids outside

Cape Ann residents — and anyone around the North Shore, Boston or southern New Hampshire, really — have a chance to help out a great group Monday night.

Kestrel Educational Adventures, a Gloucester-based organization dedicated to introducing a generation of children to the natural wonders outside their classroom windows (and away from their computer screens), will be holding a benefit screening of the documentary “Play Again.”

As the poster says, the film examines what happens when you take a gaming-and-techology-obsessed teens and release them into their natural habitat (in this case, a four-day wilderness adventure).

You can also find a good background story here. A telling passage:

(The filmakers) gathered teenagers who were spending five to 15 hours a day in front of a screen. The filmmakers interviewed the teens about their use of and attitudes toward electronic media. Then, with help from TrackersNW, they spent four days in Oregon wilderness. For most, it was their first time without electricity and running water.

“Our goal wasn’t necessarily to change their lives forever in one week,” said (filmmaker Meg) Merrill, 42. “It was to give them an opportunity to reflect on their own relationships with screens and nature. The main question we’re asking is: What are we missing when we’re behind screens?”

Tickets to Monday’s showing are $10, with all proceeds going to help support Kestrel’s in- and after-school programs. I know how important the programs are and what kind of affect they have on kids; without them, I would never have been able to post this.

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