Alone time on White Ledge

Sharing a few shots from Sunday’s hike of White Ledge in Albany, N.H.  I drove north looking for a hike in the snow. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate. It had been a stressful, glass-half-empty kind of week, so I was ready to be underwhelmed by a fairly short hike that promised middling views.

At about 4.5 miles with the road walk, the hike was short. The summit sits in the shadow of the more impressive Mt. Chocorua, so the views were middling. What made the hike remarkable was the solitude. I had the place all to myself — I didn’t see another human being for the entire loop. The light dusting of snow on the trail was free of boot prints but full of deer, rabbit and squirrel tracks. The woods were silent save for the sound of my breathing. It was a gift, and one delivered at the most opportune time.

The best word to describe how I felt, alone and in the woods? Euphoric. Giddy, really.

I’d trade great views for that feeling any day of the week.

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