Another great thing about hiking…

… is that you’re always ready for a hurricane

Irene is working its way up the Atlantic seaboard and, if the increasingly excited TV weathermen are to be believed, we all may die in a watery hail of debris Sunday. The storm is still three days away and we’re being told to lay in enough supplies to feed the Donner party.

The good thing is, we’re prepared. And I bet most other hikers are, too. Everything we need is already stashed in the basement. Or, if you’re as lazy as I am, you never bothered to take it out of your pack after your last hike.

Food? Check — there’s plenty of jerky, trail mix and Swedish fish in the house. Water? If we run out of the important hiking fluids (Gatorade and beer), there are two water filters ready to pick up the slack. Lights? We have headlamps, camp lights, flashlights and enough batteries to power a small village.

Heck, we can fry bacon over our camp stove and open a third bottle of wine with our Swiss Army knife.

Sounds kind of peaceful, actually.

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2 Responses to Another great thing about hiking…

  1. Em says:

    I was thinking the same thing-except for food. I don’t have any lying around.

  2. Lynn says:

    We didn’t get out in time to get batteries before they sold out everywhere. But we have our headlamps!

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