Wish I’d thought of this…

Six months ago, personal trainer Drew Manning stopped working out and began eating like a pig normal American so he could better relate to his clients’ struggles with obesity. As you can see from the time-lapse video above, he put on 70 pounds; you can watch as his six pack turns into a keg. He must have very understanding wife.

Manning’s almost at the turnaround point; next week he’ll start trying to lose it all again. To me, that will be the interesting part. It was funny watching as he tries to eat a full bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken — you can almost hear his heart sobbing. But it’s easy to gain weight. Taking it off is tough. Watching Manning try to take it off will be instructive. It’s a brave experiment.

And I wish I’d thought of this about 20 years ago — I could have told people I was putting on the pounds for a special project, not because I love beer, burgers, ice cream, bad TV and long naps…


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One Response to Wish I’d thought of this…

  1. Wow that is passion. Becoming fat and lazy had to be hard for him. I did hear it in his voice that it took everything in his being to complete the challenge. It will be very interesting to see him loose all the weight. I shall be following his journey. Thanks for sharing Drew’s story.

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