It’s in the cards for Kestrel

Some good news this week for our friends over at Kestrel Educational Adventures.

The group was part of a team that won a $15,000 “Ideas That Matter” grant  from Sappi Fine Paper North America. The grants help designers develop projects for charitable causes across the country.

In this case, the designer was Gloucester resident Tim Ferguson Sauder, creative director of Gordon College in Wenham and program coordinator for return design. The project, called LOOK LOOK, is a set of 75 animal trading cards aimed at helping kids develop environmental literacy. (Think Magic: The Gathering cards, except for animals.) Much of the $15,000 will go toward printing sets of the cards and an accompanying journal to be distributed to local school through Kestrel.

Here’s the story in the Gloucester Daily Times. And here’s the release from Gordon College. And if you’re interested in seeing how Kestrel’s hands-on work connects kids to the natural world around them, check out this cool video from the group’s website:

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